Camino de Santiago backpack fashion

I wholeheartedly accept the Camino de Santiago is not a fashion show. I’m counting on it and fully intend to disintegrate into full traveler-ragamuffin mode by Day 3 or so. After all, there’s a reason I don’t appear in any travel pictures from the end of my travels. Ragamuffin, that’s why.

That said, that doesn’t mean my backpack has to suffer. I’ve already picked up the patch of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims, and I’ll be putting it on my pack to denote both my peregrina status and my Canadianness.

Canadian Company of Pilgrims Badge

But that’s not all… 

If you follow me on Instagram (please do!), you may have seen some of my old Brownie and Girl Guide badges recently. I was struck by how some of those early outdoor experiences may inform or support my Camino experience. Also, I think they’re pretty neat looking:

Brownie Girl Guide hiking camping badges

A friend who’s still active in guiding reminded me of the names (clockwise from bottom left): Hobo Bag was called “Holiday;” tree with fire, “Outdoor Adventure;” three tents, “Camp Skills;” climber, “Outdoor Adventures;” and, pot over fire, “Outdoor Cook”

As a practical measure, I also think adding a bit of personality to my backpack with accomplish a couple of ends:

  1. It will make it easy to distinguish among a pile of backpacks; and,
  2. It could be a fun icebreaker/conversation starter with others I meet along the way.

So, it’s time to jazz up my backpack for the Camino. What do you think? Here’s the FIRST EVER Bite-sized Travel reader poll.

I’ll keep the poll open for a couple of months, then update the post with a picture of the final product! Thanks for playing!


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