Updated July 2015: After my Camino, I made my pilgrim credential into one-of-a-kind wall art.

As planning for my September Camino de Santiago progresses, I’m ticking off the to-do items on my ever-shortening packing list.*

In addition to a government-issued passport to enter Spain, pilgrims require a credencial that gets stamped at every stop on their Camino with sellos and serves as proof they walked, cycled or rode the required distances to earn the compostela upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela. There are lots of ways to obtain one, with many pilgrims purchasing their credencial in Spain when they are setting off on their journey. 

In the months since I got serious about planning my trip, I’ve attended some events of the Halifax chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. Since one of my reasons for doing the Camino is meeting people and the sense of community that comes from wandering together, I decided to support the Canadian organization, become a part of my Canadian community of pilgrims and purchase the Canadian credencial. 

Camino de Santiago pilgrim credential credencial Canada

I mailed off the PDF application form, and a few short weeks later, my credencial arrived! Unlike some others, the Canadian credencial is a booklet, and is sturdier than I expected – though a few weeks in the sun and rain should prove a better test.

It’s official, soy una peregrina!

Peregrinos! Where did you get your credential? If yours is from another country’s confraternity, how is it similar or different?

*Packing light = less stuff to get