The people have spoken – Big Day Downtown 2014

Once again, I was delighted to be invited by Downtown Halifax to participate in Big Day Downtown. Like previous years, local bloggers were armed with $150 Visa cards and sent out to experience the best of downtown Halifax and blog about their experiences.

Downtown Halifax Big Day Downtown image


This year, the theme was “People’s Choice.”  By having the people tell me where to go (to shop, that is), it took some of the pressure off of me to have to think – at all – particularly on the nice, hot sunny days we’ve been enjoying this summer. The important thing is, I got to spend some more time exploring my favourite downtown spots – which are also  your favourite downtown spots!

MEC Halifax

Regular followers of the blog know that I’m getting ready to head out on a short walk across part of northern Spain. In recent months, my shopping efforts have focused almost entirely on the items I’ll need to help me with that journey and Mountain Equipment Co-op has been an essential source for outdoor gear and technical expertise. I thought I was finished, only to discover the hat and sunglasses I had considered taking were ill-suited for the task. Since MEC suggested I should come in and visit them as part of my Big Day Downtown, I did and tried on every hat in the joint until I found one that fit my head, provided ample sun coverage, and was made of light enough material that it would dry quickly when it is deluged with rain. I also needed some sporty sunglasses that would stay on my face and not continually slide down my weird nose. While the colour choices are … bright, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Success!

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Since woman cannot live on outdoor gear alone – actually, she can, that’s the point of it – I took another of my follower’s suggestions to stop in at a favourite downtown stop, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, for some pretty things for my home.

I’m a long-time fan of AGNS, and have written about my visits in the past, however, in my previous visits, I’ve been remiss in picking a piece of Nova Scotia art for my home. Not this time! I picked up a lovely Maud Lewis print, possibly one of her lesser-known works, simply called ‘Tulips,’ to brighten up my home as summer turns to fall and fall turns to you-know what…

Maud Lewis Tulips Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

When visiting the Gallery, stop by the shop to visit the welcoming committee: a folk art rendering of some famous royal folks.

William and Kate Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Inkwell Modern Handmade continues to be my go-to stop for unique gifts, cards, prints, just about anything I want in my life that’s lovely. Since downtown construction is making access to the shop difficult (and will make it very, very difficult for at least a couple of weeks in September), I think it’s more important than ever to show how much I love the shop and how important it is to support our downtown independent retailers.

I happened in to Inkwell the day they launched a limited edition tote by local artist Emma Fitzgerald. I also picked up a charming print by Emma that shows one of my favourite parts of my morning walk to work.

Lunching my way around downtown Halifax

With major purchases out of the way, my thoughts turned to FOOD. Using suggestions from my followers and friends, I decided to eat my way around downtown until I was done* (*out of money).

Scanway Café

I’ve long been a fan of the Scanway group of companies, so I was thrilled when they opened a new café in downtown Halifax. When they invited me to sample their new menu, I was there in a flash. The best part of the trip? Discovering they have taken over the best dormant patio in Halifax, the one overlooking Halifax’s “famous” Pizza Corner. Still thinking about the new sandwich friends I had made a couple of days earlier at the menu tasting, I returned for a Stromboli sandwich with a terrific view of downtown Halifax.

The Foggy Goggle

The Foggy Goggle is a long-standing favourite of Halifax Twitterati (including lesser-known folks like yours truly) and on a hot, sunny summer afternoon, their patio beckons. Sometimes literally, if you’re going by and someone you know sees you. On this particular sunny day, I met up with a friend and we got all caught up in the day’s events while enjoying a Goggle burger and roasted potatoes.

Foggy Goggle burger Halifax


A two-day heatwave turned my thoughts to the most grown-up of lunches: ICE CREAM! On another sunny day in a pretty lucky week, I headed down to Sugah! on the Halifax waterfront for a hand-paddled ice cream. With chocolate chips and bits of waffle cone paddled into the ice cream, I was in lunch heaven.

It was another great year for Bite-sized Travel and, once again, I appreciate the invitation to participate. For more great local bloggers participating in this year’s promotion, visit Downtown Halifax online, then visit Downtown Halifax.

Want more Big Day Downtown? Check out my Big Day Downtown adventures from 2012 and 2013!

The opinions presented are my own, and I would like to extend my thanks to Downtown Halifax Business Commission for inviting me to participate in Big Day Downtown and for providing a $150 prepaid Visa card. Any time I receive a complimentary or discount service in my capacity as a travel blogger, I disclose it.




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