Daily routine on the Camino

There are countless blogs detailing the locations along the Camino de Santiago. To give a bit of insight into what a day looks like, I thought I’d share my daily routine after a week in the road. Mundane, routine, and full of delights:

5:45am Wake up, brush teeth, put in contacts lenses. Roll up bedroll, stuff into backpack that was packed the previous night.

6-6:30am Head out in the dark, turn on headlamp. I like to get an early start to enjoy the morning noises, walking under the stars, and some introvert-rejuvenating alone time.


8am: Sunrise!

8:30-9:30am: coffee break.

Walk, take pictures, talk to animals and residents, greet other pilgrims and wish them a “Buen Camino!”

2-3h later: stop at closest town for the day, find accommodation.

Shower, laundry, lunch, hang out with other pilgrims at albergue or the nearest bar.


Relax, stretch, elevate legs, update travel journal

Wander around town, pick up snacks

Dinner and beer/wine

Plan next day’s route, update time and distance to Santiago de Compostela.

Reload water bottles

Update finances, count cash on hand.

Lay out next day’s walking clothes, pack bag for tomorrow.

9pm: Sleep

If you have any questions about daily life on the Camino, ask in the comments or tweet me at @bitesizedtravel!



  1. Oh, it would so tough for me to fall asleep at 9 already. But it’s understandable that you need to get up that early. Anyway, the most important part is talking to animals (the dog looks so cute!) 😀


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