Hometown Travel: Cat Person at Argyle Fine Art

Hometown Travel: Cat Person at Argyle Fine Art

Everyone knows cats are responsible for the popularity of “the internet.” They’re pretty wonderful creatures, known for their charming indifference and steady companionship. Our ongoing fascination with cats serves as the inspiration for Cat Person: An Art Show all about Cats, showing at Halifax’s Argyle Fine Art.

I spent some time recently with Adriana and Crystal, the friendly folks at Argyle Fine Art, to learn more about Cat Person. The short version: the show is a fun tribute to our feline friends, in many cases, inspired by the pets of the artists themselves. Like the felted Voodoo by Angela Penton, who is the spitting image of my late, great cat, Newman. Right down to the fierce demeanour.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art

The offerings at Cat Person are as diverse as the artists themselves: painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, papercraft, even Lego make the cut. It’s a treat to see the many unexpected and unusual ways cats are given their due. For example, in this image, Nick Brunt shares “Henry Gets So Tired Sometimes” (left) while Westcote Bell Pottery offers “Crazy” (top right) and “In the Garden” (bottom right).

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art Halifax

If you are as charmed by Cat Person as I am, head over to Argyle Fine Art’s blog and check out some of the interviews with the inspiration for some of the pieces on display. They’re all pretty great, but you can start with Henry, who talks about his life with his human, Nick Brunt.

For me, one piece in particular spoke to the perils and humour of cat ownership. This photo collage by Halifax artist Rita Van Tassel really made an impression on me. If you’ve had cats in your life, you know. They are forever finding new places to claim as their own, and as soon as one is settled, the other one is up to something new. Read more about how she worked with her muses.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art
Photo collage of Alley and Gonzo by Rita Van Tassel. Image provided by Argyle Fine Art

I was pleasantly surprised to see another favourite artist of mine from the local scene, Isabelle Pineau, who I’ve seen at lots of Halifax Crafters events over the years. She gave us “Sir Solomon,” a nattily-dressed gentlemen.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art

The equally charming Queenie got the triptych treatment from her human, Lindsay Hicks.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art Lindsay Hicks

Browsing the show is free, but there’s plenty of art to buy, pieces large and small, and even a fun selection of jewelry, like these cat necklaces made with Lego by young artists Em-Li Designs.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art

I couldn’t help helping myself to some Cat Person treats, these buttons, which capture the fun of the show, with none of the cat hair left behind on my clothes.

Cat Person buttons Argyle Fine Art

If you’re allergic, these cats are easy to adopt and care for, and even easier to clean up after.

Cat Person Argyle Fine Art

Cat Person is terrific fun and will help you shake off the last little bit of winter blues as we head into spring. If you’re going to be anywhere near Halifax between now and March 12, be sure to make some time to stop in and look. If you can’t make it to Halifax before the show closes, you can still make a new cat friend on Argyle Fine Art’s flickr photoset.

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