25 ways to celebrate Saint James’ Day like you’re on the Camino de Santiago

July 25 is the feast day of Saint James – Santiago – an important day in the Camino calendar. If you’re not walking, it’s a great day to reflect on your Camino, or even better, spend the day like you’re on Camino.

Camino de Santiago Vega de Valcarce

This is my first Saint James Day since my Camino and I’m feeling very celebratory, so I’ve put together this list of 25 ways to recreate the experience, remember some of the fun, and get a bit of walking in while I daydream about going back to Spain.

  1. Dig out your Camino backpack and pack up everything you need for the day.
  2. Backpack in Hospital de OrbigoNow, go into your basement or closet, unpack it, and pack it again in the dark.
  3. Vaseline your feet before putting your socks on.
  4. Get up really early and explore your neighbourhood as dawn breaks.
  5. Sunrise O Pedrouzo Camino de SantiagoTake a quick Spanish lesson. Here are 56 useful phrases.
  6. Help someone who looks lost. Conversely, get lost yourself.
  7. If it’s raining, put on your rain gear and walk up the steepest hill in your area.
  8. Have a nice look around when you get to the top.
  9. Morning Galicia mountains Camino de SantiagoCheck out the peregrinos tweeting up a storm on the Camino right now – look for them by searching #CaminodeSantiago in Twitter.
  10. Check the weather in Santiago de Compostela. Looking good! Or, it’s raining! Or both!
  11. Walk somewhere unfamiliar, stop for a coffee and the least identifiable food item.
  12. Pay for your coffee with your leftover euro small change.
  13. Wear sunscreen. A lot of it. Offer it around to whoever is nearby.
  14. Santiago Apostol Camino de Santiago SarriaHave a conversation with a stranger. Preferably in your second or third language.
  15. Happy dog Vega de Valcarce Camino de SantiagoStop for a chat with a herd of cows. Or goats. Or a cat or dog looking for conversation.
  16. Camino de Santiago cows ManjarinLook at pictures from other peregrinos currently on the Camino. Search #CaminodeSantiago on Instagram.
  17. If the weather is fine, take off your pack and stop at an outdoor café or bar for a cold beer.
  18. Peregrina beer cerveca cerveza Galicia Camino de SantiagoLearn about one of the lesser-known routes, like the Cami Sant Jaume or Camino Mozarabe.Amics dels Pelegrins Barcelona Santiago
  19. Write a quick note to your Camino family, they miss you.

    Camino family
    My Camino family in front of the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
  20. Find the closest thing to a menú del peregrino or menú del día in your town. It must have fries. Even if it’s pasta. Especially if it’s pasta.Pulpo Melide Galicia Spain Camino de Santiago
  21. Lots of people are blogging about their Camino experiences, right here on WordPress, there is an endless series of posts with Camino information and experiences.
  22. Head to the end of the world. Whether it’s the ocean, a beach, anywhere the land meets water.
  23. Finisterre Camino de SantiagoTime for another beer already? If you say so!
  24. Estrella Galicia 1906 Reserva Especial beer cervezaStart planning your next Camino, even if you don’t know when or if you’ll go again. Science says planning far ahead can lead to more joyful experiences and you already know that’s going to happen, so make your next Camino even more joyful.
  25. Why are you still reading this list? GO! Go for a very long walk in nature. NOW!Santiago town limits Camino de Santiago

Buen Camino, Peregrinos!

Buen Camino Camino de Santiago



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