My 10-point pledge for better travel sharing on social media

Friends, I come to you today a woman reborn. Reborn in the cool, cleansing, all-forgiving waters of social media summer vacation photo inundation.


Following a recent Vogue article by someone who definitely thinks I’m too old and far too uncool for social media, I had a Come to Jesus moment. I have sinned.

Well, I was a sinner. Cross-posting the same images and observations across social media channels. Posting a bunch of things at the same time when I happened upon terrific wifi. Posting the mundane, but not, like, the fun absurd kind of mundane, more like, “I’m traveling, so I may as well post something” mundane, and it ends here.

From this day forward, I hereby promise to do better by you, dear readers and friends/followers. The following is my pledge to do better, a solemn vow, just for you.

My 10-point pledge for better travel sharing on social media:

1. Limits: I will limit the total number of posts overall and I will not post the same thing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the blog at the same time.

Exception: I will post the same Instagram on Facebook because Facebook followers, like my parents, are keen for proof I’m alive.

2. Timing: I will space posts out, thus sparing your morning coffee at Starbucks from a deluge of photos of my morning coffee, possibly at a Starbucks, somewhere else in the world. Unless it is this coffee. I’ve never seen its equal.Rabbit cappuccino Rcaffé Cape Town South Africa

3. Reading the room: Twitter things will stay on Twitter, Instagram things will stay on Instagram, Facebook will be used to assure my parents I’m still alive. (See Point 1: Exception)


4. Absurd & mundane: I will post about the mundane when it is truly unmissable. As for absurd, you’re going to hear about anything that makes me for-real laugh out loud.

5. The places, people and things I see in my travels and daily life that, with any luck, you won’t see over and over again. Fewer Eiffel Tower pics from the Trocadero, more other things.


6. Beverages: I will continue to post about beer. That’s not changing.


7. Food: I will only post food pictures that will delight. And anything on fire.


8. Cats/dogs/goats/animals: I will continue to post about the animals I meet. It’s how the internet nourishes and sustains itself.


9. Almost no pictures of me. You know what I look like. Or not. That’s not really the point of this. Also, no photos of me jumping in the air in front of scenery. Or looking away shyly, like somehow, someone caught me unawares, then somehow posted the image to my social media channels without my knowledge. None of that.


10. Selfies: Nope.

Audience participation: If you follow me on other channels, what sort of things would you like to see when I’m on the road? I’ll do my best to oblige!

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