The Packing List #2 – Ambassadogs and promo ninjas – March 20, 2016

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This week almost everyone I knew went away for March Break while I focused on my March Madness bracket. A bracket which was mostly blown by Day 2. In addition to a week of reading US College basketball stats, I wrote about my time in Port Salut, the Haitian Vacation Destination (trademark pending) over on the blog. Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

Travel news you can use

  • Minimalist hotels designed for millennials are hurting the fee-fees of older business travelers. No one designs anything for Gen X travelers, so both sides of this fake inter-generational conflict can just deal with it.
  • Are you an unemployed ninja? Polish off the résumé to boost tourism in Japan, friend-o.
  • Are you a Scottish dog? When you’re done blowing everyone’s mind by reading this newsletter, you should get to work on your résumé, too. VisitScotland is presently seeking an “Ambassadog” for national tourism promotion. I am outraged on behalf of my Uncle Dave’s Scottish Terrier, Hamish, as he is excluded for being Canadian. This means it’s easier for a Canadian to become President of the United States than a Scottish Ambassadog. Bottom line: #lethamishrun
  • The Atlantic takes a closer look at why is flying still expensive even though fuel prices are at their cheapest level in years. If I find out I’m paying a fuel surcharge on my next flight, I will cut you. Wait, HuffPoCa says the industry says flights are going to be cheaper. I’m going to cut you anyway.
  • Ghana is leading the African continent in removing travel restrictions on other Africans. Africa is a passport stamp-collecting paradise, but free movement among countries will be essential for the continent’s economic advancement.
  • New York reported a record 58 million visitors in 2015 and I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for this. Be a good visitor to NYC and check out Nathan Pyle’s NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.
  • Ahead of his historic visit to Cuba, the island everyone else has been going to for years, US President Barack Obama has eased financial restrictions and added another category of permitted traveler. The rest of the world sighs heavily and says, “Thanks, Obama.”

Nifty finds

I assume the Orkney Library’s magnificent Twitter account is already a huge visitor draw in northeastern Scotland. JK Rowling proves my point for me, which is rather nice of her considering her busy schedule. Really, Orkney Library is the best.

Book a window seat if you’re flying into one of these airports: for the four of these I’ve flown into, yes. I’d add NYC’s LaGuardia because it’s always backed up and you kill time flying over Manhattan.

British Columbia-based photographer Jeff Friesen took a vintage train across Canada and documented the journey in a delightful photoset.


  • If you’re ready to shake things up, here’s a list of 50 adventures that will really give you something to talk about back at the office.
  • For something a little more mainstream, The Telegraph’s 20 top destinations for 2016 includes a couple of my favourites that are worth a try (a pilgrimage!). Or revisit (Cape Town!). Or a lottery win (all of them!).


Zipping the suitcase

A plague has descended upon my home, so you should probably pour hand sanitizer over your screen after reading this. Tell me what you think, what you pack too much of, or where I should go next for vacation by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel on or click on one of my many of other internet channels below. See you next week!

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