The Packing List #4 – Consular Affairs is sorry you’re offended – April 3, 2016

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Hello! This week, March was sent packing and I started thinking about cooking meat over fire outdoors with equal enthusiasm. Over on Bite-sized Travel, I reminisced about some terrific road trip stops in Haiti, including Haitian fudge, grilled meat, and the ruins of a fortress hiding in plain sight. That’s a lot of meat references for one paragraph, non-forced apologies to the vegetarians out there. Thanks for reading The Packing List!

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Nifty finds


  • Now that countries are starting to make nice in the global political world, Iran is opening up to Western tourists. Travelers thinking about exploring Iran before mass tourism – which is a long, long way off, it’s not Cuba –may be interested in these must-see sights.
  • Summer in Italy? YES. If you’re planning to visit Venice, notoriously expensive and jammed with cruise daytrippers, these tips may save you few euros. Get out of the tourist-packed San Marco area and visit Cannaregio or Dorsoduro. You may encounter actual Venetians (a rarity these days) and will find lots of quiet streets and great food and drink options.
  • If your Italian travel plans include hiking among the villages of the Cinque Terre, all of the routes have been re-numbered (since I was there).


Zipping the suitcase

Spring! Wee! Spring fever and trip planning has taken over my life, how about you? Tell me what you think about this week’s newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel right here on See you next week!

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