Dreams come true: I got Hamilton tickets

There’s a lot going on in the Kristaverse right now, so I’ve been straight-up procrastinating on the internet at night instead of working on the blog or packing my apartment. Last night, wasting time on Twitter – for the only time in recorded history – paid off:


I’m a full-on Hamilton super-fan, ever since I couldn’t get tickets back in September, failed at the lottery in February, and memorized the cast album. I read endless articles and use Hamilton-themed reaction gifs. I am dying to see the show.

However, the call went out at was almost 10pm where I live and I didn’t know whether I could make it happen. Who was in? Who was already in bed? When? How many?

Imagine, if you will: me, attempting to find people through Twitter direct messages and texts. It had the intensity of this very famous Canadian Heritage Moment about the Halifax Explosion – but for something that is good and not horrifically devastating to thousands of people in the neighbourhood where I presently live:

Signed in to Ticketmaster, tickets in cart, credit card approved, email confirmation in my inbox: I’m going to Hamilton for by birthday in January. Positively surreal.

Don’t ever say procrastination doesn’t pay off, kids. See you in NYC in January!

UPDATE: now I know how I got Hamilton tickets. In an effort to counter reselling and profiteering, a number of purchases that exceeded Ticketmaster limits were cancelled and those tickets were the ones I got.


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