The Packing List #17 – July 3, 2016 – Long Weekends For Everyone!

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Hello! We’re now in a post-Brexit universe and we’re no further along in knowing what it all means. It’s a holiday long weekend for both Canada and the United States, so I hope you’re enjoying a Happy Canada Day or a Happy Independence Day wherever you are. In other good news from this week, Iceland is still in the Euro tournament (as of this writing) – Áfram Ísland! 

Thanks for reading The Packing List, I’ve got a quick programming note. The next couple of weeks are going to be light-to-non-existent, due to a combination of moving followed immediately by going far, far away for a week. The Packing List will be back to full force by July 24, I promise – have a great week!

Travel news you can use

Nifty finds



  • The Toronto Star is featuring foldable sunglasses in its regular Travel Companions future. They sound very futuristic, but are also $300, which is ridiculous for something I will sit on, then lose.
  • This is no mere tote bag, it is also a 5L wine bag, which is all you need for the music festival season.

Zipping the suitcase

With the holiday, it’s a pretty quiet news week on this side of the pond – for once. Apologies for breaking my earlier promise to never say the word “Brexit” again. Tell me what you think about the newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel on See you next week!

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