The Packing List #22 – August 14, 2016 – Iron Maiden + Air Djibouti = BFF

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Hello! How about those Olympics, eh? One of the best things about Canadian Olympic tv coverage is that you get to see more than Canadian performances, and celebrate Olympic moments like Fiji, winning their first ever medal – a gold at that – in my new favourite sport of Rugby Sevens. And our broadcaster shows everything in real time *and* a summary package in the evening. Go Canada Go!

Programming note: The Packing List will be on holiday next week, but will return with the enthusiasm of an Icelandic geysir on August 28. Thanks for reading, have a great week!

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Olympic season always inspires me to get more active, learn about lesser-known countries, and plan a trip to an Olympic city, how about you?  Tell me what you think about the newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel on See you next week!

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