The Packing List #33 – November 13, 2016 – Travel after the US election

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Special Coverage: US Presidential Election

The full impact of this week’s US presidential election will not be known for some time, given the president-elect’s often-changing positions during the campaign. Not a lot is known about the real impacts of his policies, especially for Americans, but the travel world is already reacting.

  • One of the travelers-in-residence at the New York Times summarizes the issues that *could* be impacted by the new president: enhanced and more intrusive screening, weaker currency, and a reversal of warming relations with Cuba, among other things.
  • Some people in the US tourism industry are expecting fewer visitors, who may go to Canada instead.
  • The Canadian currency took a hit, too, eating into gains made on the UK pound following Brexit. Not cool.
  • From the Irish perspective, the depressed currency could impact tourism in Ireland, and further challenge expansion of European low-cost-carriers into the American airspace.
  • I’m getting out of the prediction business (after this sentence). As a frequent traveler to the US, I’m expecting the electronic travel authorization requirement (ESTA) to be extended to Canadians, as well as even more screening grief at the border and points of entry.

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