The Packing List #36 – December 4, 2016 – $67 Billion In Airline Fees

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Hello! Winter travel holiday deals are flowing like Christmas cheer, so it’s time to start thinking about 2017 travel plans. I’ve added a trip to London in early summer to join my new BFF Adele at Wembley Stadium, along with 90,000 other friends. Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

Travel news you can use

Nifty finds

Get to know Christmas around the world!

It’s loads of fun to bring home holiday traditions from travels, much to the delight and puzzled looks from friends and family.
  • Google is kicking off the holidays with a Santa tracker site that gets new, fun content daily, including this map of Christmas traditions around the world.
  • Christmas Iceland-style involves a lot of time with family and friends, an epic fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, and feasts until early January.
  • Speaking of Icelandic Christmas, get to know the Yule Lads, a sometimes nightmare-inducing collection of burglers who try to break into your house every night. I got an ornament of the Sausage Swiper for my Christmas tree!
  • Catalunya, the area of Spain around Barcelona, probably as the best Christmas traditions of all, featuring caganers – characters who hide out and “fertilize the ground” – in nativity scenes and Tió de Nadal, a log that children beat with a stick until he poops presents. I made my own Tió from a Pringles tube, a fun holiday craft idea!

Planning your next trip

Packing lists and tips

  • Worried about losing your bag while traveling over the holidays? I go back to this pitch to take nothing – go bag-free!
  • Everything packing-related on the internet is still focused on Christmas gift ideas – get on it!

Zipping the suitcase

So, are you planning your 2017 travel? Can you tell I’m ready to pack my bag and go right now? Tell me what you think about the newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel here on See you next week!

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