The Packing List #38 – December 18, 2016 – The Holidays!

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Hello! ‘Tis the season for packing, holiday travel, and last-minute gift purchases. If you’re traveling with children over the holidays, take a gander through these tips for mastering holiday travel with a baby, written by a friend of mine who learned a lot with her own new arrival.

The Packing List is taking a break over the holidays and will return on January 8, 2017. Thank you for reading The Packing List, have a terrific holiday, and I’ll see you next year!

Travel news you can use

  • Holiday travel is upon us: don’t wrap gifts going in checked OR carry on luggage, wear layers, stay hydrated, breathe deeply. More tips from Canada’s CATSA airport screening agency to get through airports.
  • Travelers to and through the United Kingdom: staff at 18 UK airports could deliver a lump of coal on 23 December. Baggage handlers, check-in staff, and cargo crew are currently planning a 48-hour labour disruption. Furthermore, British Airways cabin crew based at London’s Heathrow Airport are currently set to strike on Christmas and Boxing Days.
  • Pitbull, the rapper not the dog, is at the centre of a political storm after he received $1 million to write and perform “Sexy Beaches” for Florida’s tourism promotion agency. Don’t worry, he’s fine, but the knives are out for the head of the agency.
  • American Airlines has been fined $1.6 million by the US Department of Transportation for keeping passengers on the tarmac during excessive weather-related delays. Good.
  • Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower has been closed to visitors since December 13 (as of this writing) after a strike by Tower workers.
  • Traveling Instagrammers, take note: do not have your travels supported by a cocaine smuggling syndicate. One of the three Canadians charged with importing cocaine into Australia on a cruise ship, while Instagramming her, like, totally awesome adventure, has plead guilty.
  • We’re ending 2016 on a high note or else. A baby goat whose flight to her new home was cancelled got to ride in style from my hometown airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Apologies in advance if geoblocking prevents readers from outside of Canada from enjoying this video from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It captures the absurdity of airline fee collusion and the brutal telephone trees typical of the industry.

Nifty finds

 Planning your next trip

Packing lists and tips

Zipping the suitcase

So, are you planning your 2017 travel? Can you tell I’m ready to pack my bag and go right now? Tell me what you think about the newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel here on See you next week!

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