The Packing List #52 – April 16, 2017 – United (Bleep)s Everything Up

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Hello! There’s so much travel news this week and it’s all about one thing: United Airlines. It’s a holiday weekend in Canada, so I hope you’re enjoying some downtime, and, if you’re traveling, I hope the airline knows better and treats you like a VIP, even in Economy. Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

Travel news you can use

  • United Airlines ruined it for every airline who wants to treat paying customers like garbage, after having a seated passenger forcibly removed to make space for airline staff on a Sunday afternoon flight from Chicago to Louisville.
  • Flight 3411 was full – not oversold, as reported – and no other passengers took the $800 offered for bumping. The next flight on the same route was almost a full day later, meaning the inconvenience was significant. The affected passenger was hauled off of the flight by aviation police and suffered serious injuries, leaving a trail a blood on the plane and a series of passenger-shot videos that immediately went viral.
  • The PR fallout was disastrous, with a series of bad, lawyer-written statements that cast the passenger as the problem. United eventually apologized appropriately, but, too late friend-o.
  • United offered compensation to all of the passengers on flight, either in cash or credit for future travel. Hard pass on the latter, thx.
  • Airlines treat you badly to get you to pay for “services” to make flying slightly more tolerable. It’s called “calculated misery.”
  • Don’t believe the contrition, United is still terrible: another passenger complained after a drunk man was repeatedly served alcohol and groped her, and, oh yeah, a SCORPION fell from the overhead and stung the passenger below.
  • At least the internet had some fun with this situation.
  • Hey, at least the US won’t let people talk on cellphones in flight!

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