The Packing List #65 – August 6, 2017 – Seven Welsh priests

Hello! My part of Canada had a major mobile phone outage this week – a whole *four* hours. It’s inspired me to disconnect a little more during the remainder of summer. It’s a long weekend here, which means I’ll be cooking food over fire, learning Portuguese, and trying to finish several books. Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

Travel news you can use

Nifty finds

  • US veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are trekking, hiking, paddling, and cycling across America to deal with their post-traumatic stress disorders. As a person who walks long distances for the mental health benefits, I read this article and couldn’t stop thinking about it.
  • One writer’s plea to fellow Americans: stop saying you’re from Canada. For what it’s worth, I have a test for this: pronounce the letter Z.
  • A group of Welsh priests was thrown out of a Cardiff pub when they were mistaken for a stag party. The error was corrected and the priests were promptly welcomed back. Now, Brains, the pub chain, is renaming one of their ales to celebrate their friendship: Thirsty Priests. This is not expressly travel-related, but I’ve laughed about it all week.

 Planning your next trip

  • Here’s one for the data geeks: the “unusually popular” travel destinationsfor each state in the United States.
  • I made my annual check-in on the rules and options for a Round-the-World airline ticket. I’ve been noodling how and when to do this kind of trip: possibly departing one end of Canada, going around, returning at the other end of Canada, then taking the train across the country.
  • In the course of writing this newsletter, I set up a new savings account to save for this trip and a spreadsheet for a budget. On paper, I can retire in 10 years, so if I save $50 bi-weekly until then, the trip is largely funded.

Packing lists and tips

  • Help! I’m looking for a small travel soap case that will hold half a bar of soap. This item doesn’t seem to exist and I can’t find a suitable thing to repurpose. If you have ideas, please let me know at!
  • We are in peak summer travel season, so here are some tips for families packing light or carry-on only.
  • My friend Rhia is preparing for vacation, and did an amazing job of getting her family of four packed – Marie Kondo-style. This is their bag for 10 days:

  • I talked about Marie Kondo packing tips back in May. If you are inspired to follow Rhia’s lead, check out the tips.

Zipping the suitcase

Tell me what you think about the newsletter by sending a message directly to Find out more about where I travel here on See you next week!




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