Hello! Is there anything worse, travel-wise, than the period after a trip and before the next trip? I’ve been keeping myself busy by writing about my Caminho Portugues and redecorating. The latter is almost as expensive and way less fun than the former. Hooray!

Over on Bite-sized Travel this week, I wrote about getting my pilgrim credencial for this Camino (thanks, Lori!) and starting this Camino in London. Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

News you can use

Packing lists and tips

  • This packing hack infographic had one great thing I had never seen, and bunch of things of varying utility. Attaching earrings to buttons. Neat-o!
  • Your regular reminder not to put valuables in your checked luggage: a video of an airport worker rifling through bags. This video confirms baggage theft is a crime of opportunity. Lock your bag (with the locks TSA and other agencies can open), or, if you travel with a backpack, use zip ties on zippers to slow down potential thieves. Or, you can do what I just did: put 3 weeks’ worth of hiking laundry at the top.

 Armchair travel & inspiration

Zipping the suitcase

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