The Packing List #74 – November 5, 2017 – Paul Manafort’s AirBNB

Hello! Where did November come from? It seems like just yesterday I was trying not to buy mini chocolate bars. Okay, it was yesterday, there’s still discount Halloween candy at the shops. All of this explains my recent burst of blog productivity. I published two posts this week about my Caminho Portugues, one detailing my budget and expenses, and another describing all of the albergues and other accommodations I stayed in. I’ve also started a month-long novel-writing project, which, in retrospect, is a pretty foolish thing to start on top of everything else. But here we are.

Programming Note: I’m out of town next weekend for work, and it’s a long weekend in parts of Canada due to Remembrance Day, so The Packing List will return on November 19. Thanks for reading, have a great week!

News you can use

  • My favourite thing about the Paul Manafort indictment is that he (allegedly) laundered money by buying an apartment in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood, then rented it out on AirBNB. If you stayed in Paul Manafort’s AirBNB, TELL ME EVERYTHING.
  • Australia’s most famous natural wonder, Uluru, will be closed to climbing as of October 2019. This is the result of an historic vote by the management board comprising traditional indigenous owners of the land, who consider Uluru a sacred site, and Australia’s national park authority.
  • The US Government Accountability Office has reviewed the airline practice of “unbundling” and found, generally, passengers are paying more for à la carte flights compared to previous all-in pricing. RAGE.
  • Tourism in Florida must be in trouble because Governor Rick Scott was in Canada earlier this week to announce a program targeting Canadian tourists and offering discounts all over the place. Did Canadians stop going to Florida? Or are we the most reliable foreign source of income in these troubled times? Discuss.
  • Sunwing Airlines just keeps finding new ways to be trash. As customers on a recent flight from Edmonton to Cancun discovered when they were weighed at boarding.
  • This isn’t directly travel-related, but I laughed about it for days.

For non-Canadians, CSIS is our version of the CIA or MI6!


Packing lists and tips

  • Is underseat luggage is the new overhead bin luggage? If you fly on airlines with enough underseat space for a bag, check out these compact suitcase options. I have a bag this size for business trips. Despite the fact it’s bright orange, it looks slightly more professional than my grotty backpack.
  • Speaking of luggage, if you’re in New York between now and January 7, 2018, don’t miss the definitive exhibition of Louis Vuitton’s history in luggage and lugging things from place to place in Volez, Voguez, Voyagez. I saw something similar in Paris a few years ago, and vintage travel trunks and luggage are glorious.
  • Buying travel-related things for people on your Christmas gift list is easy. What about minimalist travelers? Start here for some ideas that are light on the suitcase.

 Armchair travel & inspiration

Zipping the suitcase

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