The Packing List #76 – November 26, 2017 – Kitchen Party at Gate 2c

Hello! We’re wedged in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I hope you are finding lots of good travel deals for the year ahead. I’ve been finishing the first draft of a novel for National Novel Writing Month, so that’s kept me churning out 2,000 words a day and not shopping online (#lies). It’s keeping me so busy, however, I haven’t been noticing the 7:30am sunrises or 4:45pm sunsets. How about you? Thanks for reading The Packing List, have a great week!

News you can use

Packing lists and tips

‘Tis the season for my annual list of holiday gift ideas for the traveler in your life. Assuming the people in your life receiving gifts still want to travel light. Also, don’t buy luggage for someone unless you’re 100% you know how they travel.
  • Cash, including currency for your recipient’s destination(s)
  • Packing cubes
  • Merino wool anything: socks, shirts, hats, gloves.
  • 1oz-3oz Nalgene bottles. They’re the best.
  • Gift cards for places your traveler will shop
  • Pre-paid, reloadable credit cards that can be used in other countries
  • Travel activity kit (for the kiddies or adults): fun ways to pass the time on long flights. Puzzle or colouring books, pens and pencils, sleep mask, ear plugs, flat refillable water bottle, travel-sized baby wipes for easy cleanup.
  • Armchair travel: books and planning ideas. Inspire the wannabe traveler in your life with suggestions they’ve never considered and help them figure out a plan to get there.
Here’s another gift guide I liked from the blog Never Ending Footsteps.

 Armchair travel & inspiration

  • I love this list of 21 tips for better travel experiences, from packing to returning home. It includes almost everything I do myself, from avoiding a jam-packed agenda to taking downtime to organizing your photos and taking notes.
  • A British couple traveled from the UK to Hong Kong using only trains, buses, taxis, ferries, and anything other than an airplane.
  • This story prompted me to figure out how to get from Halifax to New Orleans on the train. It would only take three days! I may have to do that.
  • Here are 12 unlikely, but budget friendly, trip suggestions for next year.
  • According the UK’s Sun newspaper, travelers should always pick a security line on the left-hand side. The theory is most people tend towards their dominant side, the right, since there are more righties out there. If you try it, report your findings.
  • Travel podcasts are having a moment. The NY Times shares a bunch I haven’t heard yet and may be interesting to you as you think about next year’s travel.
  • I’m sure there are many reasons to go to Nashville, but I only want to go for Prince’s Hot Chicken. The Sporkful food podcast also visited there this year, and tells a more complicated story about race and hot chicken in the city.

Zipping the suitcase

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